Ink Slingin' 2020


Another year, another Inktober. I got into my little rhythm and knocked out every single day just like last year. But unlike last year I switched up the mediums a bit, mainly with an iPad Pro and the Procreate app. 

So, while some pieces are ink brush and pen to paper, a lot of the following pieces were made digitally. Many of the digital pieces, you will see, feature color. Although I never set out to make fully rendered colored illustrations I found the color just takes certain pieces to a whole new level. Indeed I've always hated digital coloring, I found it tedious and time-consuming. But with the Apple pen and the 12 inch iPad I found it stimulating and colored many pieces in no time at all. So keep scrolling and take a look below at my Inktober 2020 rundown. Unlike my Instagram where I first posted these, I have since scanned and formatted the pieces so they look sharp in their presentation.

In order of how the prompts are listed above.

Blade and Rodent in one, posted one half at a time.

And there you have it, all 31 prompts. 

Look out for my digital based illustration. I'm not switching my whole outfit to digital btw, just adding it to my arsenal as I learn more to make the most of it, like any tool. I hope ya'll are enjoying the holidays and staying away from each other. Stay safe!

Coming soon, Project Mega Desk!




As America winds down to the epic climatic season (series?) finale that is the 2020 election this November, I created two new stickers to help you embrace you inner nihilism.
The first is a funny yet very real quote from one of my favorite comedian/philosophers George Carlin. 

The quote is ever more prevalent these days since the installation of the new climate clock in NYC. 
8.5" wide x 2.75" high. Great for a bumper sticker. Get it HERE.

And the other sticker is designed to remind you why you get up and go to work everyday, even in the midst of pandemic; The Economy, silly! Can't you see it's up to us to keep the economy going, even in the face of a certain horrifying and isolating death? All the useless plastic trinkets, mass-produced objects to fill your life, thoughtless gifts to hoist on friends and family, and all the fuel used to make them and continue poisoning the atmosphere, the sales of all of that and more must continue or else the economy ceases!
We can't have that, ya'll. Who will think of the landlords?

So slap this puppy on your bumper or lunchbox to show solidarity with your fellow American, that come Hell or eviction, you will work that job. Otherwise how will all the landlords, politicians, and multi-national corporations eat?

Oval shaped, 4.25" wide. Cop it HERE.

As always, the stickers are very high quality screen prints on durable vinyl. They handle great on any smooth outdoor surface.


38 Special

Of course I had to post a quarantine birthday post. Nothing like celebrating in isolation. My wife and I decided to forego cake this year and instead we grabbed a bunch of slices of pie from a local pie shop. 

Chocolate Boston cream for me.

Wifey copped me the Bruce Lee Ultimate collection on Blu-ray

My face when I'm counting my fingers trying figure out how old I turned.

Quarantine Hair: Before
Quarantine Hair: After

Shortly after the b-day I hit up my barber for a haircut. And of course I haven't had my haircut since Christmas so it was getting unruly. I did want to have it for my birthday photos, though, to document it. When else is my hair gonna ever get that long again?


Because Nothing Does

Recently my little sister and her friend have started their own podcast entitled Nothing Matters, and they enlisted me to come up with a logo design for the show. Essentially the show will be two women talking about anything and everything under the sun, possible with wine. My lil' sis is also very fond of the Halloween season, so images of skulls or anything else dark or macabre is acceptable. I came up with a few sketches off the top and finished this slick little number:
This was just off the top. After i showed her they filled me in on some more ideas, themes and routes they were thinking and other images they're inspired by. A few more sketches and I completed this little ditty:
While this one is getting a lot warmer it still wasn't quite it. After more details, ideas and pointers and I buckled down to my drafting table and put pencil to paper. The trick is to not overthink it (let alone overdo it), but it's tricky because that first design was definitely coming from not overthinking. But I stuck to the notes and we all struck gold with this one:

And BAM! We hit the nail on the head. The art is also vector art, so it can be blown up and stretched without any loss of quality or pixelation.
The podcast is just getting started, and you can follow along on the Insta: @nothingmatters_apodcast
And I'm sure it'll soon be searchable however you listen to podcasts. I use Pocket Casts.


Chugging Along

 With things slowing down with the pandemic I've been able to make ample progress on my next book, Screw Comics! 4. The main story is 83 pages long and I've flying thru the post production and grey-toning of the pages at a regular rate, usually a page a day, which is fast for me cuz I find this whole grey-toning rather tedious. But i love the final product so I'm just bearing with it. Fortunately it's almost done. I'm a little more than halfway thru the main story's 4 chapters. So here's a peek of some of my fave panels so far!

Nah, there's no spoilers here! Besides by the time the book's ready you'll have forgotten all about this. 

Yeah, I really love these grey tones! It's a fleshed out, finished effect on the art without having to do the time coloring or paying for color printing. Win win!

The first 3 issues of Screw Comics! are available in the store, both print and digital, links down below!