Palooza Seventeen

My hometown show, Comicpalooza, blew thru earlier this month. I must say while I was looking forward to it, I don't think it was looking forward to me. I think there may have been a change in management since last year, there seemed to be less communication down to the Artists, at least this artist. Don't get me wrong, loading in and out and all that was butter and there were no problems on the technical level whatsoever. It just seemed a tad less personal this year, if that makes sense. That and I realized I was in a strange spot at the peak of the day Saturday. I was sandwiched by fan tables all around which some people told me is a veritable con death sentence.

There I was, Klingons to the left of me and Cosplayers to the right. I was scrambling for an hour looking for someone to give me a green light to move to a better spot, indeed I had one picked out. On the next row was a corner table ripe for the picking but I didn't want to just jump at it. So i stuck it out at my spot and made the best of it, and sure enough other people claimed it, including a table of squatters hawking shitty USB cables.

It was definitely a slower con than previous years. I asked around and other artists concurred, so it wasn't just me and my weak position. Also, the con didn't quite have huge names like it did last year (um, how can you compete with the entire cast of Aliens?). A few even speculated the election and new president was affecting the economy. I don't know, a lot of factors. And for some reason my name was left out of the list of exhibiting artists in the printed program, even though I booked my table well in advance. 
 But I'm not tripping. I still sold quite a bit of things and whenever I make new fans they're always stoked to buy my stuff. I also ran into a quite a few old friends who also kopped stuff. So at the end the show was still a good time. Hell, I didn't even have any new books or prints for this show either, so we'll call it even.

The piece at this years live art show. Whoever got it could get it signed by all 3 of the actors depicted cuz they were at this year's show. Thanks for the idea, Ms. Cornpoppy. 

A couple of commissions:

But the highlight of this Mother's Day weekend has to be my own mother coming out to help. I showed her the ropes, whats what and way to talk about and sell it and she was off! 

Love ya, Ma!
Newcomer "Macabre Ross" showing out at the live art auction. Did this guy have a table? Cuz I missed it.
Super dope Samus cosplay, complete with a blonde girl inside. I wanna dress up like Samus.

Read Wolf Puppy comix!
And that's my round up on Comicpalooza 2017. It was kinda skimpy but that's how my experience was this year. But don't worry, I'm workin round the clock to get Screw Comics! #4 out by this Autumn, and I may have a pending show in Cali. Stay tuned. Also, peep the Grand Phillie Mansion post if you're not ready to leave yet!


Carbon Clouds

April draws to a close, and while this past Saturday we got a preview of Summer thru a relentlessly hot and muggy day, I'm not ready for it to warm up indefinitely yet. Seriously, the preview was this gross mugginess where outside is this hot vacuum. The sun wasn't even out as it was overcast and was inexplicably warm. It would have been intolerable if it wasn't for the ferocious wind blowing in gust after gust. A smoggy veil was cast over the skyline of the city, and hanging outside for a few minutes meant risking a dirty film on your dermis. But it didn't last long thankfully. A cool front blew in that night and the next day was beautiful. A complete 180.
As far as completed work I worked up my sliver of a design for the Pulp 21 crew and their upcoming t-shirt endeavor.

Not only that but the Zine Fest Houston 2017 compilation is coming up and there's a call to all the local recurring exhibitors. I do a two-pager every year, usually with nothing to do with my current work but as a separate entity, but as I've been charged with a butt-load of creativity as of recent and have been moving ahead with the main story for Screw Comics! 4 I decided to send in a two page Preamble of sorts setting up the one of the worlds of the story. Of course, here it is! 

Quite a set-up eh? Of course this is just one of the tropes of the story and it's not even the biggest one. As you can see I've been having a good old time with my white gel pen, that's been allowing me to lay the white ink over the solid blacks apparent in the stars and the "to be continued" text. 

8 pages penciled and written in 3 days. See what I mean burst? Sure pencils are really rough; I do most of the work in the inking process. Here what counts most is the writing. I'll read and read thru the new pages and make amendments as needed, usually simplifying dialog or emphasizing points and attitudes leading to more convincing character development. You know, how writers work! At this rate though, I'm sure to have Screw $4 out by this Autumn. Here's hoping!


Last but certainly not least some info for Shane's memorial: Saturday May 6th, 4pm-6pm, Live Oak Friends Meeting - 1318 W 26th St, Houston, TX 77008. I had the honor of designing the above banner, scanned from Shane's work. Click it for more info, the FB event page.

EDIT: We managed to record audio from the memorial which I'm compiling into a podcast for friends that couldn't make it. There was a lot inspiring stuff and touching stories about Shane, and he will never be forgotten. Along with this I've also expressed interest in helping with collecting, archiving and putting together a Shane omnibus, a fat book of all his (self) published works to be sold at events and whose proceeds will go to a charity, possibly to help other artists and writers start their own zines or maybe help those who need it pay for their insulin. Of course it's all speculative, but in light of his passing we all feel inspired.

UPDATE: Here is the audio from the Memorial, download or stream while it's in my DropBox. Click Snoopy.


I had two mics set up but one cable was old and giving me hell, so we only had one decent mic. Still can hear many of the people loud and clear. Many inspiring stories, peep it.