The End of Phillie Mansion

It's been quite a lengthy process to completely move from one domicile into another. My circumstances abruptly moved me from one house to another with nary a chance to really go through everything, pack up or discard.
But the last six months I've been able to finally "move out."
I've been excavating my old place, tossing papers and relics I've long forgot about, sorting all the archived work, and organizing wayward supplies. I've been finishing up this move-out project this week. My last place truly housed some seriously creative years during most the last decade of my life. Imagine a grown up clubhouse where we could create nearly anything you wanted to, where like-minded friends would fall through at any given time to discuss ideas and get some hands dirty drawing or recording. Countless paintings, drawing sessions, comics, audio, and videos were shot here during this period, much of which you may be familiar with (ahem, where do you think I made all this shit?). And while the work is the work I'm also very interested in the environment where the work is created. I've always been interested in what people keep and how they decorate their creative spaces. In return I will make this post a running thread archiving images from that era, posting images as I find them.
The name Phillie Mansion was a spoof name to a local Houston rap label SwishaHouse, known for putting out their signature Screw tapes and boosting the careers of many prominent Houston rappers. What became my last house/studio was an empty house next door my parents bought and rented to me. At first I just took my sound system and equipment there to make tapes, hence the name took hold and the Phillie Mansion was born.

Behold, The Phillie Mansion!

Computer room, Northeast Corner of the second floor

The South wall collage. Snips and compilations of my favorite images over the years. It's a big photo so click and zooom in if ya like.

The West wall collage. Below I had my turntables, above is a couple of CD shelves.

More to come!



It's been a fantastic beginning to the year as far as print-making is concerned. Not only have I got two new sticker designs printed (and another designed) but I also have some new poster art, ready for some new posters to be made.

First one, "Delusions", came from a public domain illustration I found in, get this, the New York Library's Digital Collection, host to all kinds of archives on art, prints, photography and other various documents through out time. It's fun to get lost, give it a shot.

The characters look very aristocratic and are not giving a fuck. The women has her breasts out, a nod to how we as a culture love "tits" as sexual objects, but get weirded out when we see someone breastfeeding in public. The man is a straight up pig, which denotes anything from (corrupt) cops to corrupt politicians. The phrase juxtaposes a fantasy and reality. Our culture adores opulence and vanity. People will even go into debt just to live a rich lifestyle or at least look like it. People like to dream about being rich, but these characters are here to remind you that you are not and you will never be. As a whole I want to remind the viewer that there is a rich class and how this rich class has a real power that affects you and your surroundings on a daily basis. Stuff like gentrification, income inequality etc. I want to remind the viewer that while you scrimp and struggle to make it in this country, this culture, there's a class of people that have it obscenely easy.

the original illustration by Thomas Fleming, circa 1893-1924

This next sticker I've had for a while, I wanted to release it when he was still on the throne but alas I was too busy being broke and jobless. But even still, it's such a cool design. I updated it to reflect a more current status too.

Pope Been-a-dick, aka Ratz-in-Burger

The update came in the form of the words "Saint Hood", commenting on how some former popes go on to be saints, because of some proof of miracles or some bullshit, and how this guy probably won't make that status. The words are also split to allow the words to work individually. "Saint" sarcastically refers to him as good even though some Catholic church priests have infamously been proven otherwise. "Hood" referring to the gullyness, shadyness and underhandedness that may or may not have been the deeper reason why he resigned.

And finally, the poster! I saw this image in a dream a few years back with the phrase "Symbiote Pride". I drew a picture in a sketchbook and forgot all about it until recently.  Deciding I wanted to bring this image to life I started scouting Bruce Lee photos. I found the stance and I found the arm positioning in two different pieces. Carefully fusing the images together I created a perfect composite. See people, my vector art is not just taking an obscure face and running the Photoshop cutout filter on it. It takes some serious photo manipulation skills to craft the image as you need it. 

This image with this stance with the nunchucks didn't exist before me.

Because I was going with an Eastern type theme I thought I'd scrawl Symbiote Pride on a well-recognized symbol.

Now a famous website! symbiotepride.com

Combine the two with a few other graphic elements, and you got yourself a dope poster!

I'll have some for Comicpalooza this summer. I'm thinking in black and silver, like above, but also a variant color set TBD. 
Stories for Screw Comics #4 has been in the works. This story picks up where "Heavy Duty Judy" leaves off. If ya think that story's nuts wait til you read this one, and if you haven't read Screw #3 what the fuck are you waiting for? I'll even let you download it for FREE. It's in a CBZ format so it'll work in your fave comic reader. It's not the full printed version but dammit, it's a FREE 60 page comic.
Been posting pages and sketches and other nonsense on the 'Gram. Add me.


Yes, it was a good winter. Oh, hello Spring!


Join the Club

Hey, 2016 here we are.

And so is this. The latest compilation of comics from Red Stylo entitled The 27 Club, which is about, you guessed it, those infamous poor souls in the Rock-n-Roll pantheon who didn't make it past 27. It's actually quite a few too, a strange coincidental phenomenon. And this compilation features stories inspired by their brief lives and extraordinary careers.
I contributed art to TWO of these stories. The first is a story about a futuristic beauty pageant based on the late bass player of the band Hole, Kristen Pfaff. If you look into her life story you'll find it ends very tragically. For the final art I also did the colors and lettering.

The second story is a "Jim Morrison: Vampire Hunter" type joint. It weaves in something more mythological and explains why his life was cut short.

The book is available in a beautiful hardcover "Rock Hard" edition as well as a regular paperback. You can also order my stories, digitally, separately HERE for Kristen Pfaff and HERE for Jim Morrison.
And a big muchas gracias to Enrica Jang, editor at Red Stylo, for tossing me these opportunities.

You bet there's more to come in 2016.


Wing and a Prayer

Did some cover art for long-time colleague and collaborator Van G. Garrett. He's got a new chapbook coming out in February entitled 49: Wings and Prayers. Be sure to check out his website for more info on that. Meanwhile, here's the principal art for the cover. Ideally I wanted to try an original woodcut print image but due to time and equipment restraints I put that on the back burner and went with basic pen and ink. I also wanted to have the image somewhat reprographic looking contrast so the face would be instantly recognizable. And that's where the pen and ink come in. After a faint tracing on an improvised lightbox I was able to add in the very wobbly, human-made hatching. I wanted this piece to be created as analog as possible and sure enough, I think I got it to work.

At first I tried to do a xerox transfer but I couldn't find a process that worked.

Peep the new book this February! Now lean back...

And Happy New Year.