Sugar Tits

I keep pumping out Star Boob concept art. I still have a lotta of visualizations and fleshing-out to do on the characters before I start this first issue. Good thing is I have a rough outline for the story, but even that needs polishing. So just chipping away at it.
Such a fun concept. I've never written a deep superhero story in my modern work, and with all the rage happening with superhero movies (as well as all their parodies and cliches) I was a tad bit reluctant to dive in. But, I'm loosening up in the idea department and creating a strange and colorful cast so it won't read like these same old stories we heard before. At least that's the idea. And there's this other side to creating superhero comics, it sort of taps into that feeling we felt as kids when we created our own characters and would try and mimic the poppy sequential art. How we would shape our characters similarly to the characters we would read about, posing them in identical poses whipping out the coolest art in class. Yeah, there's definitely some homages and other references taking place here as well, and they just pour outta me, so I'm going with it.

Throw Starboob from the Train. Starboob throws Trains.
Starboob vs. Epitomi O'Fine, arch-nemesis.
Starboob in Blue.
For this piece, I did some very sketchy pencil work with a very classic comic feel to it, something I don't do very often. I then tossed the piece to my boy KCool and he inked it and threw the blue wash on as well.

Starboob: Plane Dream sequential.
Been sitting on this penciled test page for months now. And when I say test page I do mean test page, I shoulda did it on some better paper. Maybe I will. The imagery is too gorgeous to not redo it and take a bit more time on it. 
That's Star Boob's development so far. This is gonna be a real cool story. I would tell you more but I don't wanna give it all away.


Rogue Scoundrel

Pardon my dust around here, just playing with web options and coding to make sure you can see ALL I have to show here on my site. I'm closing out the year with a taste of things to come and some new projects blossoming for 2017.

More work in the large watercolor book. Went and saw this movie:

The next day I drew the characters from off the top of the head, no reference just what I remember from the movie. I proceeded to color it a week later. This is a pic but I hope to scan it soon.

I'm looking to have Starboob #1 out by May. I whipped up page one and I think it stands pretty well by itself.

Started to vectorize it and set it up for a multi-color screen-printed poster. It's gonna be gorgeous, and I'm thinking larger than 11 x 17. Definitely. 

And then searching for the above I found this in my archive, totally forgot about it.

Appropriately titled 'Cycle Slut'. Ha, what I'm saying? I hate that name, not sure why I chose it, or perhaps it's how the character was described by the writer. Still I thought it looked cool and is worth a share.

Yes, I started 2017 on the good foot. Here's hoping it'll carry thru til the end of the month, let alone the whole freakin' year! Alley Oop!