Making Miscreants

Here's what I've been doing all summer: working on the main story to Screw Comics! #4

The name of the story is The Miscreants of Time and it picks up some time after Heavy Duty Judy & the Two PJs in Screw Comics! #3 as well as right after Screw Comics 1 story Smoke & Mirrors. So were gonna have a major collision of wacky characters; Armstrong and Blindside will meet Evil PJ and Dark Judy in a dusty, doomed parallel Earth and somebody's gonna die, I'll tell you that.

Here are some penciled pages. I usually have a broad idea where the story is headed or I'll work from and outline, so I do all my writing in the penciling stage. The drawings are also very rough to also speed things along.

After the story has been read, and re-read and edited and all that, I'll reach a point where I'm ready to lay down some inks and do some permanent damage. I start with the lettering first, then borders, and then main figures.

2 page spread

After this point I erase lines and then fill in all the heavy blacks. Sometimes I'll use an ink well and a brush to do the finishes. After that and the pages are practically ready for post-production. Keep in mind there are 4 chapters to this particular story. I'm up to page 40-something with the writing/penciling part. I'll still haven't written the ending yet, even though I know how it's gonna end. A lotta times I'll have no clue how the execution of the ending is gonna come out so I don't rush it, I give it time, and sure, enough the perfect sequence will present itself and I can give the story a satisfying ending.

I've got a few other stories in the works for Screw Comics! #4, as well as other projects on my desk. Just making the most of Summer time!

Denver trip 4th of July weekend
Luna Bear!


Duckin' and Dodgin'

Quick sketch outta my sketchbook. Did you see this video of the seal swimming for his life away from some orcas? He hid out on some humans' fishing boat. Oh the suspense!

You see that seal's expression? Where have I seen that face before....