Hotter Than Judy


That's what I call the piece to the new Screw Comics! 4 cover. That's right, it's here! Inspired by one of my favorite album covers from one of my favorite music artists, I set out to make a piece that is equally gripping and dramatic as this:

It's certainly an image that has stayed in my mind since I saw it as a kid. I'm not sure how the idea came to me, but keeping with the story that's set in a scorching hot level of earth I found it fitting. And how the shape the of her hood flowing off her head could be like the shape of Stevie's braids, how could I not try it out?

Having the cover finished is a big step. Once you have that the rest of the book layout really falls together. Right now I'm in the proofing process, going thru and rereading the text, editing, and making sure the art is stable within the boundaries of the pages. 

Heavy Duty Judy is back in this issue and it's gonna be a scorcher. Not sure who that is best to pick up issue 3, or pick up all 3 of the last issues here. I'll throw up presales once I send this to the printer and get a proof in hand. Yikes! It's coming together!

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