Couch Lock


Here's a piece I did that debuted earlier this month. There's an account on Insta and FB called Photos y Recuerdos and it's a special profile project that showcases the stories of Texas Latinas and Latina-identifying people. Started over lock-down last year it is headed up by my wife and her colleague as a way to publicize the stories and triumphs of Latinas with ties to Texas. 

So far the reception has been warm and positive with the readership steady growing and more and more submissions coming in. My wife commissioned me to create a piece that encompasses a wide spectrum of the representation they cover. For this she gave me a prompt; all the characters on a couch going through a photo album. I had free reign on the characters I could include, and since Latinas come in every shade, shape and fashion that left it wide open. 

Although my wife had to keep me on task to finish this piece, the project commissioners found the end result to be more than satisfactory. In other words, they love it. As do I. I tend to get a bit self-conscious when I do work for family but after I started the coloring process I really started to feel it.

Next up we have to choose a font and prepare the image for merch. Follow the profile on FB and INSTAGRAM, submit if you have a story about the Tejana in your life, share, and when the merch goes up please support!

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