Ink Slingin' 2020


Another year, another Inktober. I got into my little rhythm and knocked out every single day just like last year. But unlike last year I switched up the mediums a bit, mainly with an iPad Pro and the Procreate app. 

So, while some pieces are ink brush and pen to paper, a lot of the following pieces were made digitally. Many of the digital pieces, you will see, feature color. Although I never set out to make fully rendered colored illustrations I found the color just takes certain pieces to a whole new level. Indeed I've always hated digital coloring, I found it tedious and time-consuming. But with the Apple pen and the 12 inch iPad I found it stimulating and colored many pieces in no time at all. So keep scrolling and take a look below at my Inktober 2020 rundown. Unlike my Instagram where I first posted these, I have since scanned and formatted the pieces so they look sharp in their presentation.

In order of how the prompts are listed above.

Blade and Rodent in one, posted one half at a time.

And there you have it, all 31 prompts. 

Look out for my digital based illustration. I'm not switching my whole outfit to digital btw, just adding it to my arsenal as I learn more to make the most of it, like any tool. I hope ya'll are enjoying the holidays and staying away from each other. Stay safe!

Coming soon, Project Mega Desk!


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