As America winds down to the epic climatic season (series?) finale that is the 2020 election this November, I created two new stickers to help you embrace you inner nihilism.
The first is a funny yet very real quote from one of my favorite comedian/philosophers George Carlin. 

The quote is ever more prevalent these days since the installation of the new climate clock in NYC. 
8.5" wide x 2.75" high. Great for a bumper sticker. Get it HERE.

And the other sticker is designed to remind you why you get up and go to work everyday, even in the midst of pandemic; The Economy, silly! Can't you see it's up to us to keep the economy going, even in the face of a certain horrifying and isolating death? All the useless plastic trinkets, mass-produced objects to fill your life, thoughtless gifts to hoist on friends and family, and all the fuel used to make them and continue poisoning the atmosphere, the sales of all of that and more must continue or else the economy ceases!
We can't have that, ya'll. Who will think of the landlords?

So slap this puppy on your bumper or lunchbox to show solidarity with your fellow American, that come Hell or eviction, you will work that job. Otherwise how will all the landlords, politicians, and multi-national corporations eat?

Oval shaped, 4.25" wide. Cop it HERE.

As always, the stickers are very high quality screen prints on durable vinyl. They handle great on any smooth outdoor surface.

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