Because Nothing Does

Recently my little sister and her friend have started their own podcast entitled Nothing Matters, and they enlisted me to come up with a logo design for the show. Essentially the show will be two women talking about anything and everything under the sun, possible with wine. My lil' sis is also very fond of the Halloween season, so images of skulls or anything else dark or macabre is acceptable. I came up with a few sketches off the top and finished this slick little number:
This was just off the top. After i showed her they filled me in on some more ideas, themes and routes they were thinking and other images they're inspired by. A few more sketches and I completed this little ditty:
While this one is getting a lot warmer it still wasn't quite it. After more details, ideas and pointers and I buckled down to my drafting table and put pencil to paper. The trick is to not overthink it (let alone overdo it), but it's tricky because that first design was definitely coming from not overthinking. But I stuck to the notes and we all struck gold with this one:

And BAM! We hit the nail on the head. The art is also vector art, so it can be blown up and stretched without any loss of quality or pixelation.
The podcast is just getting started, and you can follow along on the Insta: @nothingmatters_apodcast
And I'm sure it'll soon be searchable however you listen to podcasts. I use Pocket Casts.

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