Chugging Along

 With things slowing down with the pandemic I've been able to make ample progress on my next book, Screw Comics! 4. The main story is 83 pages long and I've flying thru the post production and grey-toning of the pages at a regular rate, usually a page a day, which is fast for me cuz I find this whole grey-toning rather tedious. But i love the final product so I'm just bearing with it. Fortunately it's almost done. I'm a little more than halfway thru the main story's 4 chapters. So here's a peek of some of my fave panels so far!

Nah, there's no spoilers here! Besides by the time the book's ready you'll have forgotten all about this. 

Yeah, I really love these grey tones! It's a fleshed out, finished effect on the art without having to do the time coloring or paying for color printing. Win win!

The first 3 issues of Screw Comics! are available in the store, both print and digital, links down below!

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