Just a Little

 Wrapped up a commission piece for long-time friend Dirk Strangely. He's dropping a new music project soon and as such he's gathered some artist friends to whip up different pieces of art for different songs.
I got assigned the song "I'm a Little Kinky," with the general direction of 'surround the artist with at least 5 different scantly clad women.'
In Black and White
In black and white

and in Color

Dirk is quite the virtuoso with the guitar and comes from a country & rockabilly background in terms of band-leading & performing. Lately he's been venturing into hip-hop territory, inspired by the likes of Kool Keith, Cypress Hill, and Devin the Dude (which i got him into all those 😉) as well more contemporary artists like Lil' Dickie.

His new project is dropping very soon. Hit him up and follow for the latest details and to see all the other stuff he does! https://www.strangelystudios.com/

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