Over the Christmas break I was commissioned by my father to paint a portrait for my mother featuring her and the newest edition to our family, my nephew Ryder Enrique. As we were deciding what the image should be I remember seeing this pic grace my phone during the first weeks after his arrival. While it may have been just another pic in a series of many on one of the almost daily trips my parents took to visit the newborn, it stood out to me. I suggested the following image and away I went.

The source pic

I like to stretch my own canvases.
Canvas prep

under-painting sketch

Shaping up

The finished piece
Came in at the nick of time, finishing it right before gifts on Christmas day. Needless to say it left everybody speechless, so I'm glad we saved it for the very end of the gift exchange. Now there's a new painting up at my parents' and they can start to put away all the undergrad work they have hanging up. 😒

Happy New Year 2019!

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