Inktoberfest '18

And now a grand post to showcase all of this year's Inktober work is here, scanned and ready for your gawking pleasure. Most of these pieces are packed up and thrown in my Originals art bin that I bust out at local shows like Comicpalooza. A few I do wanna keep and still a few others have already been sold. It's noted which ones. So, if ya really like a piece holla at me and I'll pull it and set it aside. I can also tell you the price. Or you can stop by at Comicpalooza this year and rummage thru the stack yourself.
Most pieces are around 11" x 15", ink on nice Bristol illustation board.

#1 - Two explorers beware the Poisonous Ground

#2 - A Tranquil overlook for our hero

#3 Jordy Benedict III erupts in tears after seeing his friend Pedro has been Roasted for Thanksgiving dinner

#4 Screamin' Jay Hawkins casting spells

#5 Chicken. This piece was a failed piece about a giant chicken attacking a human. Incomplete and yet it SOLD.

These next two pieces are done on 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" paper, drawn on location visiting friends in DC. Vacation don't stop Inktober.
#6 Drooling. Done on location visiting friends in Maryland/DC. Also coulda been #7

#7 Exhausted. Biddy's 1028 CU Rat Motor pod racer leaving all that exhaust. Also done in DC.

#9 Precious. How Greta came to us.

#10 Flowing. Like a 40 drinker when he takes a piss.

#11 Cruel. As in Cruella deVil, rollin on swangers.

#12 - Whales.
#13 - Guarded

#14 - Clock. In this land, time kills you.
#15 Weak. Me and baby brother moving a heavy couch.
#16 Angular. 
#17 Swollen. A Swollen pickle playing a Swollen Pickle.
#18 - Bottle. That's not quite a djinn bottle, is it...
#20 Breakable. Snape makes an Unbreakable vow with Mrs. Malfoy.
#21 Drain. I like this one's description:
Rhonda the Mage sapped Thaddeus the Barbarian with a drain spell when he wouldn't back up off of her with his unwanted advances and she kept saying no. 
She absorbed his youth, power and lifeforce while the others in the party gawked from a distance.
#24 - Chop. A scene from The Wolf of Wallstreet
#25 - Prickly. Mario vs. some prickly foes. Colored by K*Cool. SOLD
#26 - Stretch. Ms. Trunchbull stretches out a kid's pigtails preparing for launch.
#27 Thunder. Thunderhawk vs. Chief Thunder.
#28 Gift. Sabrina was reluctant to receive the gift from the entity.
#29 Double. When you order a coffee and turn around to see your double staring back pointing at you. And then that's it. A fave scene from Terminator 2.
#30 Jolt. Bad Box Art Mega Man takes a jolt in the shoulder facing down Elecman.
#31 Slice. Welcome to Ninja Pizza!
And there you have it folks! Almost time to wrap this year up with a bow. It's been a particularly good one, especially compared to 2017. Now to get ready for the holidays, everybody's favorite time of year. I've got a grand commission coming up. I'll have images up next post.

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