Another Year

Hey fools! I'm now 36. Ready for Autumn, and it starts this month! Who else is ready for chilly crisp air and auburn leaves? I for one am sick of this Houston heat and humidity so...me!

another year, another delicious cake.

mechanical error

Not much new art progress to post this month, however I have worked up a new vinyl sticker design:

All-seeing puppy eyes.
No words, just a silly puppy face. These are gonna be so dope when the come back from the printer. Super stoked!

Been working on the basics around the studio and the house in general. Computer hard-drives and data configurations, back-ups and what not have occupied my time this month. It's time for upgrades all around, and they're coming, including a new upgrade to our house. I'll fill you in once the work completes and I'll show you what I mean.

Also, INKTOBER is coming up so be sure to follow me on Instagram and peep all my Inktober dailies as I post them! @toonzday

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