More Progress

The end of the summer found me zoning out and chipping away at my latest book, Screw Comics 4. Page-wise I'm in the mid 60s, but I still haven't figured out how to end the damn story. While the characters are culminating for the final showdown with minutes left on the clock, it can still go in any direction; anything can happen, which is so damning. It's almost like the opposite of writer's block, and abundance of different choices of outcomes have me paralyzed. But not to worry, these things always work themselves out for me. A lot of times something will happen in real life that will give me that lightning strike of what to do in my stories. However, never one to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike I'll keep it moving wrapping up and finishing up other parts of the book. So, until then I'll still be chipping away.

Anywayz, peep these progress snaps.

Participated in Skessions this month. One of my friends mentioned something about how people refer to Frankenstein's monster as Frankenstein so I decided to clear up any confusion in my drawing.

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