One Trick is Never Enough

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Let's face it, ever since 45 took office our political and social landscape has become more a shit show than we ever anticipated. We knew shit would get bad, but this is ridiculous now. I log in to facebook to check notifications and what not and I get inundated with video after video of "threatened" citizens stepping out of bounds and harassing other citizens, wrongfully calling the cops on them and what not. And I'm tired of this. I'm tired of feeling powerless, like there's nothing I can do other than joining out in the streets protesting hoping somebody gets the message. And then I realized (cuz I totally forgot) that I draw comic strips, and if there's anything I can do it's sharing ideas through cartoons. Okay, it sounds stupid when I say it like that, but in actuality it's quite brilliant. And historically speaking comic strips and cartoons have always been the one the best ways to spread ideas and rally people behind causes. So, yeah I just realized all of this. And now here is my first comic strip with all that said and in mind.
45's ramping up and expansion of ICE has my community in a panic. Not only are the undocumented extra cautious now but even naturalized citizens who have paid their dues and went through all the legal channels are on the radar. The splitting up of children from parents entering this country just to stay alive is shamefully and embarrassingly reprehensible. People on my side shout to "Abolish ICE" and "Shut down ICE" but what can be done to do so? Well, I just so have an idea of how to shut down ICE - cut the agents payroll. That's it. It's a simple, nonviolent way to stop ICE, even if it's temporary. Think about it, are these agents really that dedicated to their job that they'll carry out orders without pay? Would you do your job (competently) without pay? And keep in mind, besides what they do for a living these are working stiffs just like you and me; they have mortgages, car notes, debts, medical bills. They have to live too. Send a virus (don't just wipe it out, it can be replaced easily) to shake up the system, cut pay to field agents but let the higher ups keep their pay. That just may breed a shade of distrust between employees and supervisors. We got any hackers up this task? What about Anonymous? Where are they when you need them?
But then again what do I know? I'm just a cartoonist and what I wrote here is purely a hypothetical situation. These are just cartoons, not to be taken seriously. *wink wink

Side note: wouldn't this comic be great blown up and wheat-pasted on a wall somewhere? Holla.

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