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Ah, here we are...the tenth annual Comicpalooza! And of course, my yearly rundown of how it went.

Honestly, this is my best year yet. They must have taken into consideration my concern for a decent space from last year's show cuz they stuck me on the end of an aisle on a very prominent side of the event. Which I turned into a corner space by bringing in an extra smaller table and flinging the big one to the side. So, I was able to layout much more colorful, eye-catching original art that did it's job and caught eyes. Lots of repeat customers as well. People who have bought art years past have returned to rummage through the new ranks to see what's in store. And there was plenty. 

BTW, add me, watch my stories, comment on my posts, talk shit etc.

Every year I add a fresh stack of new original art, and it's very interesting (if I do say so) thanks to the Inktober prompts and various other online sketch prompt accounts. I even lugged the Voldemort Vet painting to hang behind me and that drew it's own share of gawkers. Made lots of new fans too. All ya'll new peeps who copped original pieces, thank you very much. And you folks who copped some adult art as well (yes, folks, I take my adult art with me to shows to sell, and it sells!). 
Didn't do too many original sketches, but what I did is as follows:

Father and son doing a convention for the first time. Not sure how but people always assume correctly that I do caricatures.

A Nick Swardson commish.
A tricky expression to capture but the client loved it.

And then came the live art auction, which I thoroughly destroyed! Check out my "Groot Anything" piece.


and then finished. Before I left the price was in the hundreds. I never find out what my pieces go for, but someone paid a pretty penny for this one.

And of course the debut of two new single issue comics:

Rock in Time, number 001, Pulp 21 Comics. Get one HERE.

and my stack of printed True Voodoo comics.

 Iva Dawn / TOONzDAY collabo, get it HERE
I'll have it up in my store soon enough. Gotta expand my shelf space.

And there you have it, my best Comicpalooza yet. If you missed it this year, well, just gotta wait around til next. It's the only show I'll lug all my art to, so far, and I have so much original stuff it's too much to catalog and put it online. So, getting my art in person is the only way to go. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming show announcements, and of course, new comics!

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