#Inktober Run Down

Here we are folks, the glorious 2017 #Inktober Rundown. This year I stuck to my drawing board like clockwork and it paid off. I only missed the first two, and since I don't like to look back I just left them unfulfilled. So, we pick up at #3 and ride the wave to the end! Most of the pieces are on loose 8.5" x 11" illustration paper, unless where noted. These are actual scans of the work, as opposed to what was posted on Instagram, just photos. They will soon be bagged and priced and will join my stack of original art I sell at my appearances. If you find you absolutely must have a certain piece tweet me @toonzday or better yet leave a comment under the piece on da Instagram. Xmas is around the corner, wink wink.

submitted for your approval, the checklist of prompts

Day 3: Poison

Day 4: Underwater. I love otters. This is the only one in my sketchbook.
Day 5: Long. As in a long road. 1 of 3 of the travelling ronin samurai.

Day 6: Sword. Everyone's favorite emo anime soldier and his trusty Buster that he swears is not compensating for anything. 

Day 7 Shy. One of my faves, a bullied Shy Guy at Koopa High.

Day 8: Crooked. As in The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang.

Day 9: Screech. As a vulture. Cuz vulture's also Screech.

Day 10: Gigantic.

Day 11: Run.

Day 12: Shatter. As in these young adveturers shattered the evil crystal golem.

Day 13: Teeming. As in I hope you're Friday the 13th is teeming with as much fun and excitement as Jason's is.

Day 14: Fierce. When you want the Fierce Deity Link but accidentally put on the Deku mask.

Day 15: Mysterious. Rorschach on the case.

Day 16: Fat

Day 17: Graceful

Day 18: Fithy. As in "Keep the change, you filthy animal."

Day 19: Cloud. Texas icon/ HEB President Scott McClelland as a cloud.
Doesn't he look like a cloud, like the smiley background cloud from Super Mario?

Day 20: Deep. Rapper Freddie Gibbs, who has a track called Deep.

Day 21: Furious. As in Furious George punches Nazis. Shoutout to Evan Dorkin who drew a strip that inspired this one.
I'm a HUGE fan of Dorkin's work. He's a big influence on my comics.

Day 22: Trail. As in, a new adversary blocks the trail. 2 of 3 of the ronin samurai.

Day 23: Juicy. From the PJs.

Day 24. Blind. Hold up, I scanned it but forgot to include it. I will soon.

Day 25: Ship. General Summer Solstice on her flag ship. Read her story in Screw Comics! #2.
Day 26: Squeak. As in, Techno-Squeak, the Exterminator Terminator. For some reason this one was really popular.

Day 26: Squeak. BONUS piece. I did this one first but I decided I didn't wanna cause a raucous on da 'Gram. Even tho I shoulda.

Day 27: Climb. 

Day 28: Fall. As in, the fall of Don Draper.

Day 29: United. As in, No. 08's gang is united for revenge. Stranger Things season 2!

Day 30: Found. As in, you'll never guess where I found Carmen Sandiego. Well, guess!

Day 31: Mask. As in, the adversary that blocks the trail has a peculiar mask. 3 of 3 of the ronin samurai set.
And there you have it, the Inktober 2017 lot. Phew! What a month. Coming up next, more work. The fun don't stop.

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