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Here's an unpublished Window Unit from seven years ago. It speaks of Arizona when shit was heating up about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his stance on illegal immigrants. So weird, I thought I threw this up. But it seems only fitting to post this now since Arpaio was in the news once more receiving a Presidential pardon. Bigots enabling bigots.
This is something I actual considered, as a kid, when I really saw this graffiti in my neighborhood.
As I write this I just realized that this comic is similar to other "contraversial comics" I've seen floating around the interweb as of late, comics that lampoon racists in other places. Here's what I'm talking about, and these two comics also deal the Harvey flooding that's been happening here in Houston. I'll have a post on that next.

oOoOoOh Edgy! of course this is translated from French, below.
how the letters originally looked, cuz I love how letters look.

a pulled cartoon, gotta love it!

I love comics and cartoons that walk the edge or are just downright distasteful. Seems these cartoons have been drawing all kinds of criticisms, if not for the depictions of stereotypical racists in other parts of the world, then for the insensitivity to people who lost a lot in the recent flood. Agree with them? Well, not exactly. I do understand they are making broad generalizations of the people that live here, stereotypes, if you will. And while Texas is not certified Nazi-free I'd like to think it's a very small percentage of people here, especially in the Houston metropolitan area where the flooding has hit the hardest. A lotta people don't understand that Houston is a very diverse city, even more so than New York, and for the 2016 elections Harris County went Blue in a deep sea of Red. So, yes, broad generalizations all around. Although, this latter 'toon with the silly secessionist redneck, that seems like it can and, who knows, maybe it actually happened. What makes the news about Texas, our conservative leaders and policies, don't necessarily reflect most of the people that live here in Houston, but it's what other cartoonists go by. It's like what I did with my cartoon above. 
But I dig'em even if they are going for shock value. And people's reactions to them, priceless.  That's what it's all for, the reactions. Roust some people out of their bubble a little bit. Perhaps remind them to find the humor in the direst of situations, if possible.
So, let's continue to make art even if it may come out shocking, insensitive or offensive. Who are we protecting if we don't?

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