Palooza Seventeen

My hometown show, Comicpalooza, blew thru earlier this month. I must say while I was looking forward to it, I don't think it was looking forward to me. I think there may have been a change in management since last year, there seemed to be less communication down to the Artists, at least this artist. Don't get me wrong, loading in and out and all that was butter and there were no problems on the technical level whatsoever. It just seemed a tad less personal this year, if that makes sense. That and I realized I was in a strange spot at the peak of the day Saturday. I was sandwiched by fan tables all around which some people told me is a veritable con death sentence.

There I was, Klingons to the left of me and Cosplayers to the right. I was scrambling for an hour looking for someone to give me a green light to move to a better spot, indeed I had one picked out. On the next row was a corner table ripe for the picking but I didn't want to just jump at it. So i stuck it out at my spot and made the best of it, and sure enough other people claimed it, including a table of squatters hawking shitty USB cables.

It was definitely a slower con than previous years. I asked around and other artists concurred, so it wasn't just me and my weak position. Also, the con didn't quite have huge names like it did last year (um, how can you compete with the entire cast of Aliens?). A few even speculated the election and new president was affecting the economy. I don't know, a lot of factors. And for some reason my name was left out of the list of exhibiting artists in the printed program, even though I booked my table well in advance. 
 But I'm not tripping. I still sold quite a bit of things and whenever I make new fans they're always stoked to buy my stuff. I also ran into a quite a few old friends who also kopped stuff. So at the end the show was still a good time. Hell, I didn't even have any new books or prints for this show either, so we'll call it even.

The piece at this years live art show. Whoever got it could get it signed by all 3 of the actors depicted cuz they were at this year's show. Thanks for the idea, Ms. Cornpoppy. 

A couple of commissions:

But the highlight of this Mother's Day weekend has to be my own mother coming out to help. I showed her the ropes, whats what and way to talk about and sell it and she was off! 

Love ya, Ma!
Newcomer "Macabre Ross" showing out at the live art auction. Did this guy have a table? Cuz I missed it.
Super dope Samus cosplay, complete with a blonde girl inside. I wanna dress up like Samus.

Read Wolf Puppy comix!
And that's my round up on Comicpalooza 2017. It was kinda skimpy but that's how my experience was this year. But don't worry, I'm workin round the clock to get Screw Comics! #4 out by this Autumn, and I may have a pending show in Cali. Stay tuned. Also, peep the Grand Phillie Mansion post if you're not ready to leave yet!

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