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Big news for my friend Van:

Big news indeed. Of course my hand drawn cover had nothing to do with it. ;)

And now some sad news: Shane Patrick Boyle, founder of Zine Fest Houston has passed away this month. A man about town here in Houston, the only person I know brave enough to not have a car and get around on the Metro Bus, soft-spoken yet had a booming literary voice. The news came as a real shock. He moved to Arkansas to take care of his ailing mother who passed a week before he did. Known to ration out his insulin during tight times I guess he just ran out of luck. He had a GoFund Me page to raise money for his months insulin but sadly he didn't raise the money in time. So sad, and so needless, and quite eye-opening in a time where the American healthcare system is under a lot of scrutiny and debate, where our motto can literally be "Pay or Die."
Here's what i typed out on his wall:
From 2013 Moving-to-Arkansas Party at Rudz.
A memorial is being planned for May 6th, a Saturday afternoon. I'll tweet out the details when they're more concrete. Man, Shane, this year and all subsequent years at Zine Fest will never be the same. Journey well.

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