Rogue Scoundrel

Pardon my dust around here, just playing with web options and coding to make sure you can see ALL I have to show here on my site. I'm closing out the year with a taste of things to come and some new projects blossoming for 2017.

More work in the large watercolor book. Went and saw this movie:

The next day I drew the characters from off the top of the head, no reference just what I remember from the movie. I proceeded to color it a week later. This is a pic but I hope to scan it soon.

I'm looking to have Starboob #1 out by May. I whipped up page one and I think it stands pretty well by itself.

Started to vectorize it and set it up for a multi-color screen-printed poster. It's gonna be gorgeous, and I'm thinking larger than 11 x 17. Definitely. 

And then searching for the above I found this in my archive, totally forgot about it.

Appropriately titled 'Cycle Slut'. Ha, what I'm saying? I hate that name, not sure why I chose it, or perhaps it's how the character was described by the writer. Still I thought it looked cool and is worth a share.

Yes, I started 2017 on the good foot. Here's hoping it'll carry thru til the end of the month, let alone the whole freakin' year! Alley Oop!

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