Sai Gai

Drew this the other night. Whipped it up inked and all in 20 minutes, then I colored it.

Wouldn't that be a dope mash-up? I can imagine what kinda shenanigans these two would be up to working on a mission together.

In other news, there's a Kickstarter up for a comic anthology I'm apart of entitled Strange Stories for Strange People by none other than....Dirk Strangely. He wrote the stories and 5 artists each took one on, myself included.

Go ahead and the click the cover, all the details are laid out for you in a nifty video, and if you scroll down further you'll see I also contributed a nifty video with my whole sales spiel. Peep it!


And there's all kinds of snips from the interior pages, so yeah, peep it!

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