Masked Avengers

I did two new pieces for my boy Jerry, for a benefit show, the theme is Heroes. The first is a bit more personalized, but the second we started back from scratch and set out to make a more "All-Encompassing" approach not specific to a particular case.

As a more personalized theme, this lil' guy likes wrestling. Can you guess the wrestlers?

Here's the second, quite a funny take on a pop-icon-local-icon mashup.

This piece came together so well, and in such short notice for the show. Check out the Houston skyline (once again!) and right in the foreground those little, sterile, cereal box cottages that are popping up all over town. And of course, they're backed by those dorm looking apartments (also popping up) and a crane to build them all. The background sky is an actual water-colored panel. I really dig the effect. The billboard is a separate layer to be used to declare who's top-billing at the show.

Time to get ready for Comicpalooza. I'll have tons new original art, as well as hidden gems that I've uncovered shuffling, moving and organizing all my shit.

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