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Hey, 2016 here we are.

And so is this. The latest compilation of comics from Red Stylo entitled The 27 Club, which is about, you guessed it, those infamous poor souls in the Rock-n-Roll pantheon who didn't make it past 27. It's actually quite a few too, a strange coincidental phenomenon. And this compilation features stories inspired by their brief lives and extraordinary careers.
I contributed art to TWO of these stories. The first is a story about a futuristic beauty pageant based on the late bass player of the band Hole, Kristen Pfaff. If you look into her life story you'll find it ends very tragically. For the final art I also did the colors and lettering.

The second story is a "Jim Morrison: Vampire Hunter" type joint. It weaves in something more mythological and explains why his life was cut short.

The book is available in a beautiful hardcover "Rock Hard" edition as well as a regular paperback. You can also order my stories, digitally, separately HERE for Kristen Pfaff and HERE for Jim Morrison.
And a big muchas gracias to Enrica Jang, editor at Red Stylo, for tossing me these opportunities.

You bet there's more to come in 2016.

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