Wing and a Prayer

Did some cover art for long-time colleague and collaborator Van G. Garrett. He's got a new chapbook coming out in February entitled 49: Wings and Prayers. Be sure to check out his website for more info on that. Meanwhile, here's the principal art for the cover. Ideally I wanted to try an original woodcut print image but due to time and equipment restraints I put that on the back burner and went with basic pen and ink. I also wanted to have the image somewhat reprographic looking contrast so the face would be instantly recognizable. And that's where the pen and ink come in. After a faint tracing on an improvised lightbox I was able to add in the very wobbly, human-made hatching. I wanted this piece to be created as analog as possible and sure enough, I think I got it to work.

At first I tried to do a xerox transfer but I couldn't find a process that worked.

Peep the new book this February! Now lean back...

And Happy New Year.

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