Inked Up

I tried to keep up with Inktober. I really did. Ha, who my kidding? I drew stuff and posted it when it was convenient. Still, it's a fun exercise in daily discipline. If there's ever a reason to whip out an inky drawing and post it daily Inktober is certainly a fun way to go. And now a few of my Inktober posts:

From the #RejectedBatman tag

When you run into the room dressed as Batman and jump on the bed the cat is sleeping on.

 This right here is reason enough to have a cat.
I thought about this action and then I thought if I dressed him up as Batman I could use the daily hashtag.
 What started as a freestyling exercise turned into this piece. Is it a possible scene from an upcoming story I'm developing? Only time will tell. Or me if you get me drunk. Finished right on time for Inktober.
The MC
 These last few weeks overseeing the artistic direction of my MC friend Shrey Day, in the studio making music.
Deadly lil' Miho, of Sin City fame

A Dusty Old Mummy

Pimple, seething, ready to smash  (ha! sounds gross on purpose)
 Okay, well now that I see them all here looks like I had a weak Inktober, volume-wise, but I'll be ready next year. And hell, I do this shit all year. Fun.

M. Bison / Triceracop / Halloween2015

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