LMFA Outta Houston

New poster/flyer art for my boy Jerrylicious and his comedy production team, for an upcoming show on September 5th. With the approaching show date and a new venue me and Jerry had to put our heads together to come up with a new theme for the art. And then it hit us- parody all the hoopla surrounding the new NWA movie. I drew out and colored the characters and the poster practically put itself together. We are both pleased with how it turned out and it's striking on a few levels. Not only does it utilize the NWA font from the old albums but we also incorporated the new 'Straight Outta Somewhere' meme generator, promo for the new movie. The purple color, working with the red in the title, to me serve as a nod to late 80's color schemes which is a plus. 

the source material
 And then on that note about the 80's scheme, I felt when the poster was finished it has this feel to it as well, a nod to the Ghostbusters DVD cover, what with the purple and the 4 characters walking. And I love Ghostbusters, so that's a plus.

The World's Most Dangerous Comedy Showcase is the cherry to top this poster sundae. I think that phrase is hilarious in and of itself and it works perfectly for the theme. All in all I think the poster turned out rather well. Stay tuned to Jerry's website for more details about the comedy show.

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