I Bring You Fire, Again

My latest Photoshop creation to commemorate the announcement of the sequel to the divisive sci-fi movie Prometheus. If you've seen the movie then you understand what's happening in the new poster, and if you haven't seen it chances are you don't really care to see it in the first place. What can I say about this piece other than it's a funny idea turned into a funny parody poster?

the source material
I thought about making the poster look more like the bottom one. The engineer standing in for Death woulda been hilarious, but finding and/or creating the images of David and Dr. Shaw's face pressed up against the glass would've been a doozy. Besides, I liked the image of them blasting off into space to discover some new shit. Images of Dr. Shaw are taken from behind-the-scenes shots, so it's really Noomi Rapace posing and wearing sunglasses. As for David's horrendous android smile, that's also a real Fassbender smile taken from a paparazzi shot. As I strive for as much authenticity I can muster that's a really a shot of the moon, the planet, AND the backdrop of space...all real. 
I guess we'll find next March as to how close my poster really came to the actual movie.

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