Before the month closes out I'd like to share some sketches that came across my desk, some pieces I whipped out at last year's Comicpalooza but because they went went home with their owners and my dumbass didn't snap to snapping a flick they remain unseen...until now!

While the first is a basic character sketch for an upcoming Shotgun Blast storyline, the other is a full-color monstrosity! Scroll on...

Robert Phelps in his Gorvani jacket.

Psycho Gorilla; when a man's brain is implanted into a gorilla's body, he goes ape shit trying to find the ones that did this to him.

An upcoming Shotgun Blast title, possibly a one-shot graphic novel. But how bout this commish, eh? When the time comes we should do the whole graphic novel in water colors like this. I love the look, and hope you do too.

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