14 Year (B)Itch

Phew! What a month it's been. This year the shortest month of the year may actually feel like the longest. Between that last crunch time of wrapping up the latest work and getting the gallery up and then holding it open almost daily for two weeks was just exhausting, and yet so exhilarating. I haven't worked this hard constantly since my college days. When it's a big plan coming to fruition it ain't so bad working long nights, getting up early and plowing through your days on 3 hours sleep. The adrenaline kicks in and ya gotta take it all the way, crunch time! Here are flicks from the show, prepping the walls, the art and gallery sitting. Didn't take very many at the opening but I can track some down and post 'em when I can.

Hector preppin to prep the walls.

3am and we just finished hanging the show, Hector, Me and Reego. Chris bounced already.

Gallery-sitting selfie

Rigo Martinez, "Draculero"

Hector Serna, detail of "Making Tapes"

Hector Serna, "Left and Right Brain"

Hector Serna, the object set-up

Marcus Ferdinand, "Jacó", stretched Giclée print

Chris Garcia, Untitled

Me and Reego, Gallery sitting selfies

Me, "I'm So Happy / I'm So Cute"

Me, "Pray the Spay Away"

Me, "Fvck Your Boyfriend"

Me, Vegetable Medley, an assortment of drawings, comics, and illustrations

Me, "Remnants of Social Lives Past" 4"x 8" acrylic on wood panel, only $200!

The idea for a art show sprang forth when we all took a trip to New York last April. We went to an open studio and were moved by just how mediocre the work was, both in subject and technique. It occurred to us we were all working artists who've been honing our craft as well as our voice for quite some time. So if these people could do art and show it then why couldn't we? From there we ended our trip with a goal, to get an art show. It somewhat fell on me to land a venue because I know people in Houston. Big ups to Lizbeth at the East End Studio Gallery for working with us and letting us put on this show. We've been planning it since last summer and it came together swimmingly. It happened to the month of our HSPVA Senior Art show, back when we were graduating in 2001. We were also the only show that year to have 4 artists instead of 3, and we set the bar high because we were the first group to kick off the whole senior show season that semester. 14 years. Man, time certainly flies. Time to plan out another show!

Me, Hector, Chris, and Reego (holding a picture of Marcus) circa 2000
This is an actual paper analog photo. Photo-bomb by Will Boone.

Us on opening night, Me, Reego, Marcus, Chris, and Hector.

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