The Coming of Gozer

We round up another year and I'm wrapping up another book. That's right y'all, Screw Comics #3 is ready to be sent to the press, barring a flawless pre-production proof and a final quote that tickles my fancy. This ish rounds out at 94 pages, and I plan to still slang 'em for 10 bucks a pop just to stick it to the man and the squares. Peep this new art and just try to tell me you're not the Key Master.

official cover for ish 3

the inside cover 'greetings' page, art in color, 
set to be printed with verbiage in black and white

Plus other art to finish out this year:

Portrait of a Lilliputian Reading a Magazine

and a Guy Fox sketch for Guy Fawkes Day last month

And I think that's it. Until next year, Toonsters, take care and try to see how high you can get!

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