American Tradition

So I'm four days late, but this is a time of year is when I say something very patriotic with a cartoon. And who none other to help me is DC's Wonder Woman? With her patriotic garb and all...

Oh, and she's engaging in that new American pastime Texting and Driving. Do you ever hit that steady speed on the highway and take a quick glance at the drivers next you? If you do, chances are they're right there texting away on their phone, eyes OFF the highway and glued to that little bright piece of shit. As if something is more important than controlling the glass-windowed cage you're steering at 60 mph. Or they might be going 45 slowing down the whole damn lane. Either way that's shits annoying. Some people may have the focus to do the two at the same time, but the ones who don't have the potential to fuck shit up royally. So why take the chance? Put your stupid phone down for 20 or so minutes and just drive.
On a lighter note, as for the piece above, well, I love Wonder Woman. I thought it would be funny to draw her texting and driving, pissing off other vehicles, mainly because I see a lot of it when I drive. Take a look next to ya and you'll see it too.

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