Comicpalooza came and went, four days, quite a blur. Of all the con sketches I did I only flicked two for them (I know, lame). Well, one is a sketch, the other was my piece from the live art auction from that Saturday.

End of the line for Obi Wan?
Shaky pic. In hindsight, I shoulda busted out my gouaches and whipped this out in color. It's time I step my game up. 

Freddy Krueger vs. Wolverine
Returning fans looking to fill a new theme-book. They requested that Batman vs. Jason sketch I posted a few years back.

Other sketches included a Hunter S. Thompson piece, and a color piece of "Psycho Gorilla", a gorilla with a transplanted human brain that makes him psychotic. I know I know, lame how I didn't flick'em.

[UPDATE] Here's the Hunter S. Thompson sketch!

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