Armed & Dangerous

Today I saw a post about the top eight women wanted by the FBI here in the US. Reading it was a lot like reading a rogue's gallery list to a secret agent. Some committed some horrible acts of violence and piracy, while others just committed atrocious white collar crimes. Crimes of passion, crimes of money, crimes of revolution. It inspired me to draw out these characters as I saw them in my head based on the mugshots and what I imagined they wear and how they behave. Here's the POST.
Hopefully you'll be inspired to do your own searches on some of these women, and find out what their cause is (was). While some of these crimes are heinous, others are quite revolutionary. As far as the likeness, I did take a lot of creative license to craft these figures, so I would no way consider these entirely accurate to identify these fugitives. If you feel like chasing these bounties better find a better picture.

I enjoyed this lil' illustration project so much I prepared a PDF for you to print out so you and the kids can color these illustrations! Just download, print, and color!

HEY KIDS! Download, save, and print the PDF from HERE.

And it's in Honor of #VillainWeek.

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