Hell Hath No Fury

Just wrapped up the latest double-issue from Shotgun Blast Comics, the spanking new issue of Mr. Demon #2: The Kravinski Situation. Nearly 50 pages of original comic art from me wrapped up into a perfect bound double sized book, completed with chapter pages and bonus sketches at the end. Expect me to have it at this year's Comicpalooza. The digital version will be up soon, as well. As always, here are my SELECT pages, for portfolio-scouring purposes of course. Even though there's no text the images MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS for the story.

as always click the image to see it closer, in fuller detail.

And, of course, the full color wrap-around cover. This is two comic pages butted up side by side. 

For those who don't know, this is the completion of a package deal I do for upcoming comic writers: I'll turn your script and concept sketches into a full comic book, 24 (or more) standard comic size pages with black and white art plus a color cover (wrap-around optional but extra), letters, additional non-comic-art layout pages (like title pages, ads, etc.), and then all laid out for print, ready to send to the printer. I also make a digital version for you as well. All within a super reasonable time frame. 
I'm your one-stop comic producer, baby.
Let me do your comic.


In other news, the BAD first: I won't have Screw Comics #3 finished AND in print in time for Comicpalooza. BUT, the GOOD news is I will have the digital version ready by then as well digital versions of Screw Comics #1 and #2. I started a Gumroad account to get these to you and when it's ready the link will be HERE. As well as at the top of this page. This wraps up a portion of what I did in April, mainly cuz I've been traveling and then working. Follow me on Twitta for updates, plus sketches and other day-to-day musings.

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