Spankin' New Belt

Been working with a writer friend of mine, Van, and we're putting together a treatment for a children's book. Basically, a "what it could look like" type deal where I illustrated select pages from the story. I tweeted snippets earlier this week, but now I present to you the full illustrations.

for the hulking boxer character I referred to a memory of a person I saw when I was in Brooklyn. This guy reminded me of the leader of the Gramercy Riffs from The Warriors, so I attempted to channel that feel.

The guy I would see around looked like this guy and had his demeanor, but was super ripped.

In other news, Screw Comics! #3 is coming together swimmingly. I hope to have it out by Comicpalooza this May. Just keeping on my toes! I'll be posting more updates and images on the FB page so LIKE LIKE LIKE so you don't miss them. 
That and a NEW Shotgun Blast double ish as well...

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