Family Ties

New year, new banner! I've been itching to change up the image for the last few months, but nothing epic and dramatic was coming to mind. I started doodling and drawing the star characters from the latest (J)RPG I've been playing, Dragon Quest 5, and that's when ideas started to spring to mind.

Hero and wife

Hero and family

In this particular game you battle monsters, collect loot and equipment, and level up and all that jazz. But what stands out about this game's story is how it spans 3 generations. During the course of the game you grow up, get married (you get to choose between 3 women to marry), and then raise kids of your own. It's a really intriguing story, and it makes you care for the characters. Hell, they're family!
I'm right near the end. I'm kinda sad that it's already coming to an end but it's been a fun quest. 
For the new banner I drew the hero attacking a large cycloptic monster, it really happens in the game. To go with the theme of the image I decided to hand draw an appropriated re-wording of the Dragon Quest logo. After I pieced the elements together I felt it still lacked something compositionally. That's when i added a simple border on the corners to keep your eye corralled. The borders really tied it together for its internet presentation. And there you have it.
On another note, I started a Tumblr for all my erotic drawings. I have so much of this work, and I keep producing it so I started to crave a separate home for all this unique stuff. If you're 18+ feel free to check it out and follow Tissue Cupcakes. And if yer not 18 yet, I'm gonna tell yer mama!

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