Spare Parts

Happy Halloween! Here's a link to the 8-page comic I drew for Red Stylo for their 'Unfashioned Creatures' anthology. Basically it's an ode to the Frankenstein story. Here's the blurb from the site to give you a quick idea:
 Extreme Makeover: Resurrection Edition
If you’re going to play God, why not do it with some style? When James decides to resurrect his dead boyfriend, he takes the opportunity to make a few “improvements” on the original design.  Unfortunately, tampering with nature has consequences even James could not have predicted.

And here's a page (in BW) from the story:
Check out some more pages, in color, HERE

Part of compilation of comic stories order the BOOK (coming soon), for just this short in DIGITAL click HERE.

Now, the sun is setting. Time to get ready to rob these trick-or-treaters for candy!

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