Faith Based Initiative

Here are a couple of snips from an upcoming comic compilation and exhibition. It's a 5 page autobiographical piece written by Olga Feliciano for her Graphic Novel Creative Writing class at UH. Because I heard they were gonna exhibit the comic pages I decided to go with a large format 15x23 size on some nice illustration bristol. Unfortunately, they opted to print out and blow up the completed pages with the text and everything, so I worked on this large format for pretty much nothing. But I ain't buggin'. The pages turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see how the printed book looks. 100 copies will be given out at the show on a first come first serve basis. Come out and see this work Monday from 6-8, here are the details
And here are a couple of snips of two pages. It deals with a loss of faith, a lapsing of Catholicism, due to passing of a loved one from AIDS. Powerful stuff. The story spoke to me because I was raised Catholic and all the melancholy imagery of the church was a not an alien thing. Neither was praying and praying to no answer. So it was a perfect fit.

Select panels:

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