That Tingly Sensation

A few pieces I whipped up for the one-night-only Erotic Show coming up at the EESG this Friday (from 6-10pm, FREE) in Houston. I've really been getting into erotic art these last few years. Looking at it and creating it, I wonder what has taken me so long to get to this point? Probably my own comfort-ability; drawing explicitly sexual images and the reactions to them which I would have to deal with. Well, I'm getting over that. I enjoy the attention, actually. Now as far as posting the art, that's a different story. Ideally, I would like to have one main site for all my work, but with explicit dongs and genitals that I've drawn I'm not sure if I want that tied to all my much more tame work, especially if (potential) clients are gonna peruse my stuff. But then I don't want to start another site for it. I like signing in and posting to one place.
Well, in the meantime, I'll just bleep out the hard stuff. I left nipples in cuz, well, I take it you've already seen my banner.

An Exhilarating (Watery) Doom
Cuz this is what mermaids do, right? Here's a whopper of a piece. 18" x 24"

And then SHE Rolled into Town...
My girlfriend came up with the idea for this one. All I had to do was bleep that monkey out.

I did another piece, a couple busting a sixty-nine on the family couch, but with so much to bleep out it was pointless to post. You'll just have to come to the show and see it for yerself (or wade thru my twitta feed and find the pic)!

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