Rounding it Out

Here's a commission from last Christmas that I can now post 'cuz they received it, thus not spoiling the surprise. I intended to use of the Aztec and 'Frida' decorations and garb to make fun of the over-abundant use in Hispanic contemporary culture. The cats are the client's real cats drawn from personal study as well as reference photos. Needless to say they were quite pleased.

More work for JerryVision productions. Jerry keeps racking up shows, keeping my pencil moving. Before I started drawing up Jerry's flyers he did his introductory show. This next piece is an updated rendition of that old black and white flyer from his first show. I'd post an image to compare but I can't find a copy of it online. Notice the Metrorail train. It's loaded down with money, symbolizing how Metro tricked us into voting for the money to be outgoing this past November. Pretty fukt up. And I really drew a dong on the rat, a really nasty, pale, wrinkled one.

Hey Kids! Can you name all the different types of bodily fluids  that are in this image?

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