Nude Year's Resolution (72 dpi)

Happy Nude Year, toonsters! I know I'm a lil' late on this post but whatever. I'm posting a few Christmas commissions I knocked out this season. Two to be exact. Check 'em!

Kid Heroes
a commish for my buddy Jerry. We work on flyers all the time and his son and nephews wonder when they'll get their own custom poster. Well, he surprised them with this. Can you tell who the popular characters are?

Bebop and Rocksteady

And if you don't know who these bumbling characters are then you're in the wrong place. The client I did these for wanted to see what I would come up with if I drew Bebop and Rocksteady in a more realistic sense in respect to the animals they mutated into. I also kept in mind that they're punks so the detail in clothing keeps that close by; patches, belt buckles, buttons, piercings.

I actually have one more commission to post but since I haven't sent it off yet I don't want to ruin the surprise for them if they happen to tune in to this site before they get it. Once I do send it, I'll post post post. 'Til then, keep thinking this year will be your year!

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