All Hail...

..the brand new Shotgun Blast Comic's release Gorvani's Reign #1. Once again, my friends from the Dallas area have contacted and contracted me to illustrate a second title. It takes place in the 'Mr. Demon' universe as well and features a mysterious man who rules the world. He dodges a bomb blast and does battle with an annoying telephone as well as a Minotaur. Yeah, a minotaur. That was the selling point for me. Plus, it features a special guest, a popular internet character. I'll let you find out who.
As always I post select pages, not all of them, to show ya what the art is like. This book also features a color wrap-around cover just like Mr. Demon #1 so be sure to click on it and peep the detail.
Also, blow these fools up on twitta (@ShotgunBlastCom) and bug 'em about when the print version drops!

and now...

click to see detail

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