Choke Slam

Pieces I whipped up for the upcoming local show Lucha X Vida art show this weekend at East End Studio. Not only that but Hector was in town and he whipped a lil' sumthin too that'll also be at the show. Nifty! Should be a good show. EESG is always packed at their openings, and I've sold work a few times. Not only that but the event info says the work of political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz & local famed printer Carlos Hernandez will also have stuff up. That's the ice cream on this sweet pie of an event. This Friday, 6 to 9, and then the closing is on the 28, also 6 to 9.

The Big Match - 11x14

This is IT!  - 11x14

Helga the Terrible and Her 8th Consecutive Tap-Out - 18x24

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