Quite SHREWd

Okay, truly wrapping up this productive July is this 10 page comic I did for a terrific lil' indie label called Red Stylo. It's part of the next upcoming Shakespeare Shaken compilation, a collection of comics inspired by Shakespeare stories. The story I got to draw was a tale similar to "The Taming of the Shrew". It takes place in an alternative universe where a company is having trouble "taming" a certain female assassin. I was on board to color it and letter it as well, but I ran out of time due to other comic obligations, although I DID color the very first panel, the rainy futuristic cityscape. Dig it!

Don't wanna spoil the story and give EVERYTHING away. These were just select pages.

 You can ORDER it HERE.

Heading out for a big family vacation. See ya! 

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