New $tore

Check it out! Lately I've been fiendin' to create a new online store type situation. I have tons of pieces I take to conventions as well as other art shows I do around town. However, to list everything here the old-fashioned way is such a daunting task that I never even bothered to even TRY to do it. But, deep in my head I knew I had to find a way to keep an updated, comprehensive list of my work for sale that way I could move it out and steadily make room for new work. Enter the whole online store idea. Found this website, eCrater that'll host all my wares and charge me nothing to do so. It made it easy to catalog each and everything for sale I just jumped right in. And so now, even if you follow this site and are familiar with my work you will be blown away at the vast amount of work that I've NEVER posted here or anywhere. Not only that but everything I have up is MAD AFFORDABLE, from $5 to $40.
Never before seen original drawings, watercolors, sketches, prints, etc. now available! And this is only the beginning. I'll be constantly updating it with new work, prints, and t-shirts as I create them.
It is true: the days of coding everything the old-fashioned way are gone.

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