All Repent...

...cuz I just finished another comic! Remember when I went to Dallas last February and did some sketches of some original characters for a kid and his uncle? Refresh yer memory here. Anyway, we stayed in contact and they wrote a comic with said characters, and contacted 'Yours, Truly' to bring it to life. And the last few weeks I worked hard to do so, completing a press-ready format of it last night.
As always, I post select pages of the sequentials to show you how it's looking, and this is how it looks. Be sure to peep the color wrap-around cover spread; like, click on it to see the full amount of detail.
I'll be sure to post a link of where to buy it as soon as it becomes available. But for now, feast yer eyes!

the cover

click to see detail

"All repent, Mr. Demon is coming."

Published by Shotgun Blast Comics
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  1. Oh wow, this looks really cool! I love the art and the style. I can't wait for the item to be ready for purchase. It looks cool.


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