Bring Back 'Pee-Pee'

That's right, I said pee-pee. As in penis, or more preferably, dick (what am I, a doctor?). Porno peeps say cock. I say pee-pee. And nothing makes a monster a tad more realistic, and therefore scarier, than throwing in a lil' reproductive-organ activity. What if you were being chased by a horrendous ghoul, and you ducked out of the way just in the nick of time, only to be grazed by his malformed genitalia right across your face. Now that's extra gross. See what I mean?

See if you can spot the pee-pees on these two monsters I whipped up deep within Strangely Studios.

Some cool dragon-looking shitz. 

The Castle Troll says, "Snrff, RARGHH!!"

If you frequent many of the major comic conventions around the country, you might have an idea of who inspired the castle troll. Pee-Pee!

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