Lazer Sighting

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Read the news postings here:  News article about lasers hitting planes at LGA

New comic! and it's about time, too. Can't remember the last time I drew a comic, although we can date it here on my site, but that seems like a lotta work right now and I'm writing this entry anyway. It's been so long, in fact, lettering the words seemed a bit daunting, like when you're walking in public and you know people are staring and you tense up because you don't wanna trip....kinda like that. Unfortunately, I won't be within reach of my scanner until later this week  so I had to take a photo of the comic so I could post it. Actually that explains why ALL my stuff has been looking that certain way for the last two months of postings. 
In other news, the end of my Brooklyn sojourn draws near, with only a couple of days left before I pack it up and head back down south. What a last couple o' months! If you been following me on Twitta you'll see I've kept a timeline of stuff that's happened, even though it's esoteric to the casual reader. Anyhoo, next posting will most likely be when I'm back in Houston, with my trusty scanner.

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