Wall of Blame

New additions to my Wall of Blame, the wall in my Brooklyn apartment that I'm filling up with new drawings. Ink brush pen and gouache. Check it out!

Untitled, piggilicious warrior

If You Will Suck My Soul

Another Bad Guy Stopped!

Yes, Dragon-man's junk has been blurred to protect your chastity. It's a pretty explicit depiction of junk, and I'm not quite a hardcore site. I just didn't want to scare you all with such a display of human anatomy, something that (more than) half of us see on a daily basis, something used when making love. But on the other hand, gross depictions of violence are more than okay to display! Dragon-man is renegade cop who got kicked off the force but has this inherit need to right the wrongs of the world. Here he is shooting the bad guy in the face, in the name of justice. Look how mortified his friend looks as he witnesses his brains being blown out right in front of him. And they only robbed a jewelry store, the guns aren't even loaded. Kinda makes you think about the police, and the excessive force used for petty and non-violent crimes. And if not, you should.
Dragon-man doesn't have to wear clothes. He's part Dragon.

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