Landed on a farm with tall, green leafy Trees

You might have caught wind that I was working on an animation project earlier this year. Kept it under wraps for the most part, but because I'm in the market for more animation-related gigs, I compiled this short two and a half minutes of that project showcasing some of the animation techniques I used. It's a kid's program and a lotta fun. The concept is basically a bunch of aliens in the form of question words land on a farm and meet a smart farmer who fills them in on who they are through catchy songs.  Sure, that sounds a lil' weird, but I like weird, and I'm glad I did this project.

The work was commissioned by none other than Houston funk legend Leon Mitchison. He did the music and voice-overs in the above piece, as well as write it. Basically, he just handed me the soundtrack and concepts. Leon Mitchison of Leon Mitchison & the Eastex Freeway Band. Of Mitchitone Records. Of course, I just found this out because I didn't think to Google him at the time. I'm blown away. Check this out. That's him on the sax.

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